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The Silent Order
  • Author: Melanie Dobson
  • Published by Summerside Press 2010
  • More Information at
  • Updated January 8, 2011

                                The Silent Order
                                 Melanie Dobson

Two daughters of the notorious Cardano family tiptoe into a forbidden room...and disappear forever...or so it seems. Years later, Detective Rollin Wells, a cop itching to bring down local Mafia kingpins, finds himself in a bloodbath...and his young partner dead.

After a miraculous escape, Wells hides in a hay-filled Amish barn and is discovered by young Katie Lehman, a young mother who stirs memories he's tried for years to forget. As God leads Rollin into a showdown with the mob, Katie faces a personal crisis: should she marry the Amish man ardently courting her...or follow her heart?

Melanie Dobson deftly weaves a compelling story that lends insight into the early workings of the Cleveland mob AND the Amish society. I LOVED turning each page to see what would happen next...and how Melanie would extricate her loveable characters from deadly situations.

The woman who brought us the award-winning Love Finds You in Liberty, Indiana (voted BEST NOVEL in INDIANA!) makes sure to provide an engaging love story, just as a bonus for this book. Pick up The Silent Order today! 

Nothing to Envy
Author Barbara Demick
Published by Spiegel & Grau 2010
Open this book, and you'll find yourself in possibly the world's most vicious, deadly country, mere miles from a prosperous, thriving land.
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The Cellist of Sarajevo
Author Steven Galloway
Published by Riverhead Trade 2009
A determined cellist rouses a war-decimated city to action with his weapon, a musical instrument.
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Josiah's Treasure
Author Nancy Herriman
Published by Worthy 2012
Didn't think Herriman could top "The Irish Healer"? Guess again!
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A Light in the Window
Author Julie Lessman
Need a gift? A good read? A new start? Do not miss Lessman's latest!!!
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Being The Body
Author Charles Colson and Ellen Vaughn
Published by Thomas Nelson 2004
What can "Nixon's hatchet man" and founder of Prison Fellowship International tell YOU about church? A lot.
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Nurturing the Nations
Author Miller and Guthrie
Published by Paternoster 2008
How can we best nurture the world? A radical look at the "root" of the problem!
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Disposable People
Author Kevin Bales
Published by University of California Press 2004
Aren't we tired of being ostriches, here in the West? There's 27 million reasons to get our heads out from under the sand.
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Walking With the Poor
Author Bryant Myers
Published by Orbis Books 2011
How do we avoid burdening the poor with "things" they don't need yet show the transforming love of Christ? Read on...
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Don't Waste Your Life
Author John Piper
Published by Crossway 2003
Wanna avoid a home-grown tragedy? READ MORE!
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Kisses From Katie
Author Katie J. Davis, Beth Clark
Published by Howard 2011
What can one high school graduate do to change the world? Everything, one holy kiss at a time.
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Team of Rivals
Author Doris Kearns Goodwin
Published by Simon & Schuster 2005
Do we need ANOTHER Lincoln biography? YEEESSSSSSSSS!!!
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Band of Sisters
Author Cathy Gohlke
Published by Tyndale 2012
Gohlke scores another blockbuster...and tackles an age-old problem! You go, girl! So proud of you!!!!!!
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The Mother Road
Author Jennifer AlLee
Published by Abingdon 2012
Memorabilia, sister angst, and simply great writing!!!
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The Irish Healer
Author Nancy Herriman
Published by Worthy Publishing 2012
Debut author Nancy Herriman has it ALL!!!!!!
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Promise Me This
Author Cathy Gohlke
Published by Tyndale 2012
The Titanic. A love that spans seas, transcends distrust. Promise me this--you will read Gohlke's new work!!!
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When God & Cancer Meet
Author Lynn Eib
Published by Tyndale 2002
With a phone call, your mood plummets. The hideous enemy cancer besets another friend. Pray. Take food. Flowers. And a copy of Lynn Eib's book, "When God & Cancer Meet."
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The Wishing Pearl
Author Nicole O'Dell
Published by Barbour 2011
Inspirational new series for teenaged girls!!!
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The Colonel's Lady
Author Laura Frantz
Published by Revell 2011
Laura Franz has done it again! Historical that brilliantly captures the tumult in a 1779 Kentucky fort...and the tumult in the heart of a colonel and his lady
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Broken Wings
Author Carla Stewart
Published by Faith Words 2011
Poignant! Relevant! A story that can change lives!
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Refuge on Crescent Hill
Author Melanie Dobson
Published by Kregel Publications 2010
An old mansion hides secrets...and just might hide the clue to redemption and healing! Melanie Dobson, double Carol Award winner for 2010, has done it AGAIN!!!!!!
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Human Trafficking: In Our Backyard
Author Belles
Published by Xulon 2011
Sex Trafficking in Normal, Illinois? No!!! Yes.
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Major Pettigrew's Last Stand
Author Helen Simonson
Published by Random House 2010
Can a staid retired British general and a Pakastani widow break through society's mandates, team to make sense out of their out-of-whack youngsters, and again find true love?
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Born to Run
Author McDougall
Published by Vintage 2010
Runners, yeah, we're different.. Or maybe not...
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The Hunger Games
Author Collins
Published by Scholastic Press 2008
In this futuristic YA novel, civil war decimates civilized society in Panem (formerly America.) Survival is relegated to a death lottery. What will a brave young girl do when her sister is chosen to play the Hunger Games?
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Author Metaxas
Published by Thomas Nelson 2010
Pastor, martyr, prophet...spy??? How Dietrich Bonhoeffer stared evil in the face and faced a choice only rendered possible through God.
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That I May See Him
Author Wingate and Quinn
Published by WinePress Publishing 2011
Do you long to see your name on a Hall of Fame plaque...or would you just settle for seeing the face of God?
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A Family for Faith
Author Missy Tippens
Published by Love Inspired 2011
Faith Hagin struggles with the guilt of not getting things right. Then her neighbor, Gabe Reynolds, a handsome cop--and widower--patrols right through Faith's popular hangout coffee shop. When Chelsea, Gabe's teenaged daughter, bonds with the savvy and even-keeled Faith, matchmaking prayers are lifted to heaven. Will those prayers be enough to offset Gabe's memories of the perfect wife?
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Angel Sister
Author Ann Gabhart
Published by Revell 2011
In "Angel Sister," Ann Gabhart seamslessly weaves the compelling story of two generations residing in Rosey Corner, Kentucky.
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City of Tranquil Light
Author Bo Caldwell
Published by Henry Holt 2010
Best-selling author Bo Caldwell pulls from the stories of her missionary grandparents to trumpet perseverance, love, and a faith that will not die.
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The Omnivore's Dilemma
Author Pollan
Published by Penguin Press 2006
Yeah, yeah, you've heard it all--and are tired of the Supersize Me lectures. Well, don't stop until you read this Pollan masterpiece
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Crossing Oceans
Author Gina Holmes
Published by Tyndale House 2010
Daring! Heart-rending! A young woman faces an impossible choice: bypass her last chance for love or secure her daughter's future
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Winning Him Without Words
Author Lynn Donovan & Dineen Miller
Published by Regal 2011
Folks, it takes a GOOD READ to pull my head outta novels or research materials. But hey, a better marriage is the reward!!!
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Red Ink
Author Kathi Macias
Published by New Hope Publishers 2010
How extreme is YOUR devotion to God? Inspiration from around the world?
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I Have Seen Him in the Watchfires
Author Cathy Gohlke
Published by Moody Publishers 2008
This one is an EPIC, folks, and a Christy Award winner. Do not miss it.
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The Silent Order
Author Melanie Dobson
Published by Summerside Press 2010
The mafia and the Amish? Only Melanie Dobson could pull off this great novel of Christian suspense!
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Catching Moondrops
Author Jennifer Erin Valent
Published by Tyndale House 2010
A dynamite of a book--set in my beloved South!
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Stand for the Best
Author Thomas M. Bloch
Published by Jossey-Bass 2008
Are you hungering for an American inspiration story? Look no further than Kansas City...and Thomas Bloch.
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Little Bee
Author Chris Cleave
Published by Simon & Schuster 2009
AMAZING story of sacrifice!
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The Preacher's Bride
Author Jody Hedlund
Published by Bethany House 2010
Fascinating Journey to 1600s England!
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A Daughter for Christmas
Author Margaret Daley
Published by Steeple Hill 2010
NOT just a holiday read!!!
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The Bartered Bride
Author Erica Vetsch
Published by Heartsong Presents 2009
In the opulent mansions of turn-of-the-century Minnesota, a lovely shipping heiress who moonlights as a suffragette becomes a bargaining chip in a family's quest for fortune.
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Seeds, A Memoir
Author Sasha Vukelja, M.D.
Published by Kacha House 2009
What seeds have you planted in YOUR life?
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The Husband Tree
Author Mary Connealy
Published by Barbour 2010
Get your spurs and boots for this one! NOT TO BE MISSED!
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The Familiar Stranger
Author Christina Berry
Published by Moody Publishers 2009
A phone call, an accident, throw the life of a dentist's wife into chaos. But the real chaos has only begun...
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One ImPerfect Christmas
Author Myra Johnson
Published by Abingdon 2009
A Christmas without the mother who's made Christmases perfect rapidly approaches. Will Natalie Pearce also face the holiday season without her husband and daughter?
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The White Tiger
Author Aravind Adiga
Published by Free Press 2008
Balram Halwai runs the call centers we Americans hate to connect with. Yet this self-made product of India dabbles in servanthood, philsophy,...and murder. A stark and shocking view of life in India...with the hope of the Lord hovering though unstated.
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The Glass Castle
Author Jeannette Walls
Published by Scribner 2005
I was sitting in a taxi, wondering if I had overdressed for the evening, when I looked out the window and saw Mom rooting through a Dumpster.
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A Hope Undaunted
Author Julie Lessman
Published by Revell 2010
Do you need a tonic for winter winds? DO NOT MISS A Hope Undaunted!
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The Frontiersman's Daughter
Author Laura Frantz
Published by Revell 2009
Are you ready to be entertained? Educated? CHANGED? Get a copy of The Frontiersman's Daughter--today!
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Hearts on the Road
Author Diana Lesire Brandmeyer
Published by Heartsong Presents 2009
Have I got a handle on a book for you! Don't miss this great romance, Hearts on the Road, by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer.
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Hotel at the Corner of Bitter And Sweet
Author Jamie Ford
Published by Ballantine Books 2009
A long boarded-up hotel and the death of a beloved spouse provide Henry Lee to open up painful memories...that are his only chance for closure and love.
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Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire
Author Esquith
Published by Penguin 2007
Wanna know the methods and madness inside Room 56 in an LA troubled school? C'mon! It'll change your life.l
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Man From Macedonia
Author Rev. Aaron Johnson w. Deb Cleveland
Published by WestBow Press 2010
Don't miss the autobiography of Reverend Aaron Johnson, who allowed God to carry him down rows of Southern sharecroppers, blindfolded into a Ku Klux Klan meeting, even into the death row cells of violent killers!
   » read more
Author Jim Rubart
Published by B&H Publishing 2010
Think you have everything? Time to explore the rooms of your soul!
   » read more
Chasing Lilacs
Author Carla Stewart
Published by FaithWords 2010
A coming-of-age novel reminiscent of To Kill a Mockingbird! Preorder NOW!!
   » read more
The Pastor's Wife
Author Jennifer AlLee
Published by Abingdon Press 2010
Maura Sullivan leaves her husband, Nick Shepherd, and his small-town Ohio congregation in the rear view mirror. Then a last Will and Testament pulls her back to town. Can an eccentric woman's dying request reunite Maura with Nick and the church she had come to dislike?
   » read more
Author Tom Davis
Published by David C. Cook 2009
Stuart Daniels, award-winning journalist. Savvy young husband. How does such a man slide from the top of the world to its edge?
   » read more
My Sister's Keeper
Author Jodi Piccoult
Published by Simon & Schuster 2004
A child is conceived for the purpose of saving her sister, and she's sick to death of being used. Or is she?
   » read more
The Help
Author Kathryn Stockett
Published by Putman 2009
In 1960s Mississippi, tempers erupt when a Junior Leaguer disdains looking for a husband and creeps into the kitchens where the black help gather to find narratives for her novel.
   » read more
Dream Chasers
Author Melby and Wienke
Published by Heartsong Presents 2009
A fabulous romance from a pearl off my strand of critique partners!
   » read more
Up Pops the Devil
Author Angela Benson
Published by Avon Publishing 2008
What's a ex-con to do when the devil and his legions seem to be outsmarting God?
   » read more
Sarah's Key
Author Tatiana de Rosnay
Published by St. Martin's Griffin 2007
A brilliant, heart-rending account of the French Vel' d' Hiv'
   » read more
The Best of A.W. Tozer
Author compiled by Warren Wiersbe
Published by Christian Publications, Inc. 1978
Looking for meat to go along with your diet of Bible reading? Turn to one of Christianity's greats, A.W. Tozer.
   » read more
What is the What
Author Dave Eggers
Published by Vintage 2006
A New York Times bestseller that should be required reading by all who want a glimpse of in all homesuniversities and in
   » read more
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
Author Shaffer and Barrows
Published by Dial Press 2009
Travel back in time, where bombs still smoldered in dreary London. Where one postmarked letter from the isle of Guernsey reaches a quirky writer. You will want to start your own Guernsey Literary and Potato Pie Society, friends. Don't miss one of the year's best reads!
   » read more
A Passion Denied
Author Julie Lessman
Published by Revell 2009
Don't "Deny" Yourself This Great Read!
   » read more
The Passion of Mary-Margaret
Author Samson
Published by Thomas Nelson 2009
Characters that grab hold of your heart and don’t let go. Issues that skirt the edges of traditional Christianity. Folks, Lisa Samson has done it AGAIN! Buy this book for friends of all faiths if you want them to meet a great Christian writer—and see our Jesus as the supernatural King yet loving Friend.
   » read more
Preacher Man
Author Laurie Larsen
Published by Wild Rose Press 2009
Dynamite romance from a not-so-Normal author. Don't miss this one!
   » read more
Lying on Sunday
Author Sharon Souza
Published by NavPress 2008
Calling all mothers and daughters: Here's a book for YOU!
   » read more
The Madonnas of Leningrad
Author Debra Dean
Published by Harper 2006
Amid the ravages of war...and Alzheimer's, one woman finds unbelievable beauty...
   » read more
Author Jill Eileen Smith
Published by Revell 2009
Dramatic debut novel about the first of King David's wives
   » read more
The Shape of Mercy
Published by Waterbrook 2008
An award-winning book that explores prejudices and how they cross time and space to both inflict pain and heal. A must read!
   » read more
Before the Season Ends
Author Linore Rose Burkard
Published by Harvest House 2008
Before this year ends, travel on an astonishing journey to Regency England with Before the Season Ends!
   » read more
Under the Overpass
Author Yankoski
Published by Multnomah 2005
Mike Yankoski decides to become homeless as a test of his faith. Compelling and thought-provoking!!
   » read more
Daisy Chain
Author Mary DeMuth
Published by Zondervan 2009
The heart-wrenching first novel of the Defiance Texas Trilogy!
   » read more
Lincoln's Springfield in the Civil War
Author Camilla A. Quinn
Published by Western Illinois University 1991
How did Illinoisans perceive Honest Abe? Beloved 16th president? Preserver of the nation? It may surprise you to learn the truth about Lincoln's Springfield in the Civil War
   » read more
Home Another Way
Author Christa Parrish
Published by Bethany House 2008
Discover a marvelous debut novel by Christa Parrish!
   » read more
Rumors of Another World
Author Yancey
Published by Zondervan 2003
In poignant prose, Philip Yancey whispers of Rumors Of Another World. Are you willing to listen?
   » read more
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
Author David Wroblewski
Published by Ecco 2008
Breathtaking prose in an American version of Hamlet, a Cain and Abel story, man and his dogs--does it work, or is it too much?
   » read more
Absolute Surrender
Author Andrew Murray
Published by Whitaker House 1981
A powerful message packed in a small package--don't miss Andrew Murray's classic!
   » read more
In the Shadow of the Sun King
Author Golden Keyes Parsons
Published by Thomas Nelson 2008
In this historical fiction, Madeleine de Vaudois-Clavell, a beautiful Huguenot, must choose between her family, her God, and Louis XIV, her former lover.
   » read more
Same Kind of Different as Me
Author Hall, Moore and Vincent
Published by Thomas Nelson 2006
Sometimes God does strange things, like shove an international art dealer and a modern-day hobo into the same downtown ministry. Can such diverse--and eclectic--individuals trump prejudice and status-quo thinking for the glory of God's kingdom?
   » read more
The Book Thief
Author Markus Zusak
Published by Alfred A. Knopf 2005
When Hitler and his regime strip everything from Liesel Meminger, a twelve-year-old girl, revenge—and hunger—make her steal something back. A brilliant, absorbing Young Adult book that every writer should read.
   » read more
Author Tosca Lee
Published by NavPress 2008
If the Genesis account of the expulsion from the Garden has always haunted you, find a copy of Havah and read it today!
   » read more
A Passion Redeemed
Author Lessman
Published by Revell 2008
Charity O'Connor is used to getting her way. What will happen when she doesn't? Read more about the second novel in the "Daughters of Boston" series.
   » read more
It's Not About Me
Author Michelle Sutton
Published by Sheaf House 2008
Teenaged Anne's future has been carefully planned. But a brutal attack and a suddenly hesitant boyfriend, Tony, smash her blueprint of a perfect life. Things continue to fragment when Anne is drawn, spiritually and emotionally, to Dan, Tony's brother. How can Anne reassemble all the little pieces and find God's will?
   » read more
My Sister Dilly
Author Lang
Published by Tyndale House Publishers 2008
Two sisters, dramatically different in education and personality, return to their childhood home in a desperate attempt to face their past...and prepare for their future.
   » read more
Ruby Among Us
Author Tina Forkner
Published by Waterbrook 2008
A grandmother's secret cushions Lucy DiCamillo from pain but prevents her from reuniting with her familiy and her land.
   » read more
Quaker Summer
Author Lisa Samson
Published by Thomas Nelson 2007
How can a soft-hearted wife and mother have everything--and nothing?
   » read more
The Black Cloister
Author Melanie Dobson
Published by Kregel Publications 2008
History, intrigue, women's issues, all woven into a novel which unfolds on the cobbled streets of Germany. A compelling read!
   » read more
A Passion Most Pure
Author Julie Lessman
Published by Revell 2008
How can a book combine passion and purity and make sense?
   » read more
Agatha Christie mysteries
Author Agatha Christie
Published by Simon & Schuster 0
If they're good enough for the Queen of England, shouldn't YOU be reading them?
   » read more
Searching for Spice
Author Megan DiMaria
Published by Tyndale 2008
A conscientious mother, wife, and photographer longs to spice up her meat-and-potatoes marriage. Will God give her more than she bargained for?
   » read more
Angle of Repose
Author Wallace Stegner
Published by Penguin 1971
Angle of Repose is a must-read book, but don't take my word for it. With this marvelous intergenerational epic, Wallace Stegner won the Pulitzer Prize...
   » read more
Just Jane
Author Nancy Moser
Published by Bethany House 2007
Want to ward off winter chills with a great read? Brew a nice cup of tea--preferably Earl Grey--and grab Just Jane by Nancy Moser.
   » read more
Three Cups of Tea
Author Mortenson and Relin
Published by Viking 2006
An often harrowing, always fascinating account of Greg Mortenson's quest to build schools in the wildest parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan
   » read more
On Sparrow Hill
Author Maureen Lang
Published by Tyndale 2008
Isn't there a bit of the Cinderella lover in all of us? Add sociocultural issues, and you've got another winner from the author of Oak Leaves!
   » read more
Canteen Dreams
Author Cara Putman
Published by Heartsong Presents 2007
Not the typical soldier boy/girl-at-home World War II romance.
   » read more
Demon, A Memoir
Author Tosca Lee
Published by NavPress 2007
How would you respond if Legion asked you to write his story?
   » read more
The Oak Leaves
Author Maureen Lang
Published by Tyndale 2007
A powerful book which manages to combine historical, contemporary, intellectual and emotional themes
   » read more
When Crickets Cry
Author Charles Martin
Published by Thomas Nelson 2006
Can a guilt-ridden doctor risk loving--and losing--for a second time?
   » read more
Watching the Tree Limbs
Author Mary DeMuth
Published by NavPress 2006
A young girl finds an unexpected friend who helps her cope with the trauma of sexual abuse.
   » read more
The Big House
Author George Howe Colt
Published by Scribner 2004
How can a book about a house be a bestseller?
   » read more
The Memory Keeper's Daughter
Author Kim Edwards
Published by Penguin 2006
A doctor's split-second decision haunts him for the rest of his life.
   » read more
The Invisible Wall
Author Bernstein
Published by Ballantine Books 2007
A best-seller, written by a ninety-three-year-old genius using his old typewriter.
   » read more
My Father's Secret War
Author Franks
Published by Miramax 2007
How well does a daughter really know the father who she considered ordinary and reliable...until she found a Nazi military cap among his mementos?
   » read more
Dispatches From the Edge
Author Anderson Cooper
Published by HarperCollins 2006
Sri Lanka, New Orleans, Niger, Sarajevo, Afghanistan, Rwanda...award-winning journalist Anderson Cooper has lived to tell, and to write about, them all.
   » read more