Hi! Nice to meet y’all!

I’m Patti, a Southern convert to the lifestyle in Normal, Illinois, USA. Stories have captured my heart since I was barely out of the baby crib, though until my first novel was published in 2008, I’d only written bad poetry and embarrassing love notes. Eventually, I left my teaching job at a community college and wrote three other novels, based on the true stories of women transformed by God’s grace.    

In 2014, Angie became my writing partner, bringing a passion for detail and structural soundness to my fifth book, Jessie’s Pearls. We continued collaboration with the publication of Tattooed by Jesus and our most recently released book, Stories from the Jesus House.

Angie and I love cooking, running, and have the oddity of red pencil appendages attached to our hands. We have a passion to “shine up” your writing, no matter if it’s research-based, from the novel or memoir genre, or bound for publication or for the enjoyment of your circle of friends and family.

We look forward to hearing about your next step in the world of words!